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Welcome to the US History blog for 2017 – 2018! More info is up and active now, so you should browse around and get a feel for how the blog is laid out. The tabs along the top of the page, underneath the header, will link you to various useful tools, such as our class calendar and documents. First and foremost, you should read the Blog Rules page, which lays out the ground rules for using this blog. This is required reading! Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the rules of the road, read through the rest of the info in the pages. The Google calendar has useful school and class dates on it. It lists things like assemblies, lab days, and service days, as well as when major assignments like papers and tests are due. Under Course Documents, you can find the syllabus for the class, as well as the current unit’s assignment sheet. This assignment sheet has the class and homework assignments for each day in the unit, so you can plan ahead and manage your work load more easily. Finally, the Blog Assignments page will give you an outline of how we will collaboratively use this blog this year.



  1. Ryland R says:

    Its hard to believe that people actually eat each other; but is understandable seeing the position they were in. They had no other food of any kind and faced certain death on the outside due to the Indians waiting just outside of the walls. If I was in the predicament I would have most likely died but if I were still alive i would most likely have no other choice but to secure food by any means necessary. It would be repulsive but it would be the only choice i had if i wanted to live. This is the same thing the people in Jamestown were presented with; and they chose to save themselves at the cost of their fallen friends and family. Humans often have a strong case of self preservation; they will do anything to achieve it, no matter how revolting. They do not let themselves simply die. Even people like me who call it revolting would do the exact same thing in their position. We are lucks they we are not in situation such as that were cannibalism is necessary. It must have took true hunger and desperation for someone to jar open a dead teenage girls head for food.

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  3. Richard Bolton says:

    Richard Bolton

  4. Richard Bolton says:

    In times like this I can understand the English. they were boxed in against an enemy they could not defend against with dwindling food and weaponry with little to chance of survival against said enemy. These people were willing to do anything to survive. They were scared and afraid to die. Terror is what leads man to make rash and drastic decisions including cannibalism. They had no choice but to use any means necessary to survive. This is one of the primary reasons humanity has evolved the way it has. Cannibalism while revolting was not unheard of in this time period. It was often practiced for lost explorers or sailors who had to what they had to do to survive. the people of Jamestown were unlucky enough to be forced to this.

  5. Emily says:

    It is interesting to see artifacts from Jamestown since it was one of the first civilizations established In America. It is a mystery how the letter M is carved into the bones, which likely happened post mortum, Which leaves the question, what was the purpose of this letter? What did it stand for and who did it? It could have bee enemies, family members, visitors. History always leaves open room for so many questions, but it is great to know that there bones preserved themselves overtime so that we can study them today and learn more about history and what happened before we had what we now call “America”.

  6. Boulton Chase says:

    The Colombian exchange benefited the world in many ways and with out it our world would not be the same as it is today. It created many new opportunities for people around the world. People were able to trade goods that they themselves would not be able to get because they were in different countries. It allowed farmers to grow and sell new crops to people all over the world. It also allowed people who found gold or silver in America to take it back to Europe and sell or trade it for top dollar. It also allowed people to transport livestock across the globe leading to new kinds of animals in different countries which was very important. Without the Colombian exchange we might not have some of these things in America today.

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