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Unit 2 Rection Post: The Sons of Liberty and Property!


“Liberty and Property!” The Sons of Liberty and Resistance to the Stamp Act Part 1

Click on the link above and read the reaction to the Stamp Act 1765



  1. Thomas-Louis Deshaies says:

    Thomas Deshaies
    Blog 3 John Dickinson

    One of the most importing father is one of the most of people never hear about ,John Dickinson is one of the pillar on the American revolution born the 8 November 1732 in the Maryland and dead the 14 February 1808 . He write a lot of essay for a farmer of the Pennsylvania and Delaware , he was a member of the continental congress. During the revolution he wrote two big pre-wars documents , the petition for the king and the all of branch petition for negotiate peace. When the negotiation fell he refuse to the sign the declaration of independence because he believe the colonies should seek together and said to other countries to come with them. After this he star to support the sovereignty with a series of essay name fabius letter where he support at 100% for the state sovereignty . John Dickinson was one on the first farmer to release his slaves , John Dickinson was a men who thing at a free country is possible . John Dickinson is a big part of why the United-State are what they are .

  2. JuliaMartins says:

    All was needed was one man, one man to speak up, one man to express, and that is usually all that is needed to start it all. Patrick Henry was this man, the one to be brave and let it out, to do the hard job of starting the revolution, of speaking up all by himself. Colonies went through a hard period when the British government started to establish new taxes, and laws. Each time they would get less freedom, and lose more rights. Was is interesting to see is how the colonies would unite to fight against those changes, even though was for something bad, it still created unity among the American Colonies, which is important. But after all these years, all the colonial revolutions, all the protests, we still have taxes, the only difference is that now there are many more. Colonies, I appreciate the attempt and the fighting, but the truth is: we all still have to deal with taxes even centuries later, when go buy paper at Michael’s we still get that extra percentage added to the price. In Brazil, when I go buy something in a store, there is no sales tax; we pay for what is in the price tag. But there a many other taxes that people constantly have to pay there, that are way higher than sales tax (it is very expensive), such as for your house, car, health insurance, etc.

  3. Rebecca yao says:

    After French and Indian War, although Great Britain gained the victory, they also need to afford a huge debt. Therefore, they taxed on the colonists to pay the military. One of the famous taxation is Stamp Act. It represented the ending of Salutary Neglect. It was a decree for the taxation on the printed item, such as newspapers, books, official documents, etc. The Stamp Act eventually provoked an intense resistance of the colonists as we can see in the article. I was really shocked by how strong the rebellion was. But when I thought about it deeply, it did make sense to me. Since the Stamp Act invaded many people’s property –– they need to pay extra money for printed items –– and there is no representative from the colony in the congress which meant the Great Britain had no right to tax colony; essentially they infringed the basic colonial right. No wonder the colonists would be raised a rebellion against the Parliament. They even said whoever gave taxes to parliament would be treat as an enemy of all colony, according to the seventh resolve. Let us look back to the whole American history, there was one thing be harmed would really irritate people which is freedom. One of the examples would be the Boston tea party. People boycotted the British tea and the son of liberty threw tons of tea into the sea. And the other example would be Townshend Acts which was posted in 1767, right after the Stamp Act. This also irritated people a lot. I believe these two decrees ––the Stamp Act and Townshend Act–– built a strong basis for the American Revolution. In the end, I want to say as a governor, never tries to harm people’s natural right, unless you expect to have a rebellion.

  4. Aundre says:

    The Stamp Act issued in 1765 had a large affected on the colonies as a whole. This act was a new source of revenue for the British. They put taxes on almost all goods, such as newspapers, pamphlets, almanacs. The price for newspapers almost doubled. A man named Patrick Henry spoke out about what was happening. It seems like every time in history, a group of people are treated wrongly and someone like Patrick Henry speaks out about it. Some people might like what he’s saying about the Stamp Act, but there’s still going to be people who don’t have the mindset as he does. Many people believed that Virginia had something to do with the resistance against the Stamp Act. All the riots and revolts against the Stamp Act came from the people feeling that they were being treated wrong. And they were being treated wrong, they were taxed without representation. Like on August 26, when two large groups split up and went to the home of William Story and the other went to the home Benjamin Hallowell. Story was the official of the vice-admiralty court. Hallowell was the comptroller of customs. Both groups wrecked the houses that they went to.

  5. Stella Maaa says:

    I believe in Thomas Hobbes’ theory of human nature in Leviathan; When people do not know how to solve problems, they use violate. To prove that is true, the protest of Stamp Act apparently shows the savage of man. Stamp Act is one of the unfair acts that British Parliament imposed to tax on papers like documents and newspaper in Colonial America in 1765. It evoked the radical printers and other merchants who refused the British goods and hoped Parliament will modify the law. However, one of the revolutionary organization called the Son of Liberty tried to protest “more effectively”, they destructed and burned the stamp distributor, Andrew Oliver’s house. These mobs did not discover that Mr. Oliver personally stood on the opposite side of the Stamp Act, but he had to do his job that the Parliament assigned him, and he cannot make any change to the Act. The Rioters were angry about British Parliament, and they wanted to vent their feelings to someone, Andrew Oliver was just a victim. Later these ridiculous sons of liberty threatened other tax distributors to resign their job in order to prevent British from collecting the tax. Although the savage protest may work in some ways, it did not have to pay that price, not only the destruction of houses but also some valuable documents and political papers that Hutchinson had collected for 30 years. If colonial America showed their ability to England and sit down discussing it, the violation may not happen. British had the history of revolution that does not have blood and violation, called the Glorious Revolution in 1688. The Parliament of England overthrow the king James II and invited the Prince of Orange and his wife in Netherland to be their new king, in return, the new king had to sign the Bill of rights that the parliament’s right is higher the king’s.

  6. Tyler says:

    In 1765 all of the colonies were affected due to the Stamp Act. The big name and big story in the blog belongs to a man named Patrick Henry, he was realizing the outright ridiculous prices in little objects such as newspapers, pamphlets and, almanacs. Newspapers specifically almost doubled. Throughout recognizable times in history and even in prehistoric times there always seems to be someone like Patrick Henry. He is a standout figure that is an outcast because he speaks out on these brutal, ridiculous enforced rules set by the government/military. Everywhere in history, these guys who speak out upon these things are what makes history and in most cases the reasoning behind the major turning points in history. In fact, some guys are so special and unique that they even left their legacy in the modern world because their impact was so strong. For example, one of those guys was Martin Luther King Jr. Although he is deceased today, his legacy runs today in the nation devoting a day out of the calendar for him named after him.

  7. AAAmily says:

    An ancient Chinese saying called “the last straw that breaks the camel’s back” came to my mind while I was reading, which means the last little pressure makes things fall apart. I would say the Stamp Act of 1765 was that last straw between the American Colonies and the British Parliament. At first, it was just Patrick Henry taking his hundred men pushing through five resolves. Later on, they gave themselves a press and extra-legal organization name, which is Sons of Liberty. But no matter how the group became larger, Henry was always the most important individual of this “age of revolution”. He is the No.1 hero at that time since he was the first one who was brave enough to stand out and say “No” to the British Parliament. Most people did not show a positive attitude on his “foolish behavior”, but history is usually changed by these fools, we need them.
    Being threatened by economic distress, many printers rallied in opposition to the Stamp Act, which gave the Liberty Fighters an excellent chance to take over the newspaper, in the other word, the public voice. But I would like to argue that the true liberty and freedom should not control the voice of our society, or it will be called communism.
    The conflict was based on the tax issue during 1765, but actually it never got solved. Even in 2017, people are still fighting for this. In America, tax is always one of the most popular arguments during the presidential election. Comparing to the 18th Century, modern people have a lot more tax to pay. I won’t say all the fights of colonies were useless, but the truth is, we still need to pay taxes, and it is getting worse.

  8. Shawn Lu says:

    Interestingly, there is a lot of acts about tax during the independence of American and most protests were cause by this kind of act. There is navigation act, iron act, and hat act. These acts already make American suffer a lot, and now they have the Stamp Act. After The Stamp Act was passed and began to implement it, a lot of American are not happy. They whisper in private, and the printers are very angry about this act. However, no one wants to stand out. When there is no one stand out, Patrick Henry stand out and start to fight against this act. He worked with other protesters and made a great contribution to against the policy. The Sons of Liberty also took some action to against the act, but the action they took is violent and irrational. After the declaration of independence, he also becomes the first Governor of Virginia. In China, we are not worried about tax at all because there is no sale tax. The tax is included in the price. I didn’t realize there was a tax on buying things until I got into high school. In China, basically, every products’ price is an integer, so I was struggled when I first come to the US because a lot of prices is decimal. Moreover, there is never a revolution about tax in China since China is a communist country and the government basically decided everything.

  9. NIck Leto says:

    When people are treated unfairly and cant get what they want, they do what people have done for hundreds of decades which is band together as one and take what is truthfully theirs. When the stamp act first caught attention of the people a system began to show. It runs as the newspapers begin to educate people on the event, then the people demand what is right. Before this a very ballsy move by Patrick Henry by pushing 5 resolves with 36 out of 114 decider votes. By him releasing these displays how most the Americans felt at the time which was not wanting anything to do with more laws and taxes from Britain. The sons of liberty were so relentless and destructive and what is cool is that their plan actually worked. People protested at Andrew Olivers house because he published stamps and was working on a new warehouse for producing stamps. The mob started to stone his house and even disobeyed the governor and sheriff. This is also part of a radical phase of the modern revolution, as seen in many other protests. These actions displayed by the sons of liberty is closely related to the storming of Bastille. People were being treated unfairly by the French monarchy and the civilians joined together brought down a prison to show their emotions.

  10. Gabe Beroza says:

    Patrick Henry was a crafty man who wished to stand up for all colonial men. The British believed that they could put a tax on all papers everything from the news to the deed to a house. No true colonial would let thus violation and inappropriate taxation be allowed to continue. Henry strategically waited for his chance to strike and when most Legislators had gone to their homes he pushed for his justice of the Colonies. Anything that can be said to work against the production of news could be taken as a type of censorship. When England made it harder to print papers that’s as bad as when a modern problem occurs with public information. When the government tries to stop the flow of truth the people fight back.

  11. morgankou says:

    The liberty and property are the most important things to people, people always fight for freedom. Like the colonies fight with British, the British give colonies a high taxes,they put high taxes on newspaper, pamphlet and, alanacs. The colonies fight for freedom, fight for right. And there is an important man during this time who name is Patrick henry. He is the person who speak for liberty and property. he is a person who lead and encourage people to seek liberty and property. He is an important hero during history. The person who have courage to speak out always will be the hero. Like in Chinese history there are some people like Patrick henry, they speak out, and led people to do the revolution. After the revolution, they will be the famous person or the hero during that revolution. So, I think If people want to start a revolution or they want to start against something, they always need a brave man stand out to speak something or lead them to do the revolution.

  12. Jack M says:

    All we ever needed was one person to stand up and take pride in what they believe in. Patrick Henry took a stand to do the very taxing job of starting the revolution. All colonies went through a tough period of time where the British government started to establish new taxes, and laws. Every single time something was passed the people would keep losing their freedom. The fighting brought all the colonies in unity and united them together despite fighting for some things that our bad. But after all these years, all the revolutions and, protests we still have taxes on just about everything we buy in a store. I can say this to the Colonies, the fighting and attempt to change everything was a great gesture but at the end of the day still in 2017 we have taxes and many more than they had back in the colonial era. When I walk into a store just to buy a 99 cent drink I cannot walk in there with just one dollar, tax will make the total go above one dollar. Despite some countries do not have to pay sales tax but in America, we have to with just about anything we buy.

  13. Quyen says:

    The government wanted to tax anything that was somewhat of a necessity to the people. That would make the tax payers mad which caused riots. Riots have been America’s “solution” to getting a message across to the government up to this very day. For example, recently in America there were gay people who adopted a form of tax resistance to protest the government’s acknowledgment to the legal rights of same-sex marriage. There were dozens of advocates for same sex marriage similar to Patrick Henry. Taxes are still a problem today where almost ⅔ of Americans believe that the wealthy aren’t paying enough taxes. The same problems citizens had back then are still relevant today.

  14. Tariq says:

    The Stamp act brought great change to the monetary as well as social and economic structure of life in 1765. Mainly because it brought about very tough taxes in many days to day goods such as newspapers and pamphlets, simple things that all citizens should have the right to purchase without the need of spending large amounts of their fortune. The idea of basic human right is what was tarnished by the appalling means of this penurious act, due to the lack of human rights followed, a great man such as Patrick henry stepped up to the plate to challenge the ordeal. Because of this he took a stand, a stand to uphold the laws of god for what they really are as he vouched for the people who were suffering from heartache and misfortune. His movement was comparable to the likes of Nelson Mandela whose goal was to create change for the better as someone who can convert the fearing into the willing is someone who deserves to have a name in history. The events of this act are still apparent in today’s world as we constantly see higher taxes as prices soar while we remain persistent with the same cry for change.

  15. Salutary neglect would be one of the main reasons which cause the consensus of grumbling voices. After that many years with only a few enforcement laws, it forms a sense that English Parliament has no rights to tax without the consent of the colonial legislator. Thus, the Stamp Act(Tax of Knowledge), which was the first internal tax levied on the British colony, captured the attention at once. As I see, the revolutions against the Stamp Act is inevitable after all those conflicts like sugar act. But what’s more interesting is the way they protested. It is very similar to the Chinese protesting the Korean goods after the Korean company Lotte agreed to set up the “Sade” anti missile system in Korean. During the protesting, people boycotted Korean products just like American boycotted the British goods. For instance, the protesters smashed Korean cars, Korean shops(Which owned by Chinese) just like the radical protesters “pulling down the house” of Andrew Oliver(Who was actually against the stamp act privately)and burned his effigy. And the Chinese said that they will not stop until Korean Government stops the building of “sade,” just like the protesters in America stated that they will not stop until the British repeal the Stamp Act. Coincidently, both of the resistance movements America and China were not from the Government. Instead, they were all from the instigates of the news press and the protest of the people themselves. I think it has a positive effect since when there is a public censure, the government or local legislator can simply say they are not participating in the protest, nor they agree with the protest just like the Chinese Government said. Thus there is no reason for Britain to condemn the colonial legislator or even start a war. However, this kind of revolution shows the savage inside people. Also, the author Smith mentioned that: “Threatened with economic distress, many printers rallied in opposition to the Stamp Act.” The question is, will they still speak for the people if this is a tax on other things that will hurt the industries instead of the tax on papers that will hurt the news press? I think the answer is negative. Chinese resists the Korean because the “sade” will impact the safety of the Chinese, American protests the British because the stamp duty hurt their profits. It is human nature that they only revolt when their benefits are affected.

  16. kayleighcreammer says:

    When Americans thought it couldn’t get worse when it came to going about their daily lives, it did. There had been many acts before, like the navigation acts and the hat act. However, the stamp act induced a new type of anger into the Americans. What is the most ironic is that there were many acts of taxing during America’s fight for independence. Many kept their emotions to themselves. But, there was one man who stood out from the crowd. Patrick Henry was that man. There was great advancements in the rebellion due to him and his cooperation with other protesters. His way of dealing with the acts was different from the Sons of Liberty’s radical way, and of course not as effective. Even today in the U.S there still is taxes. On literally everything that one has purchased inside of this country, there has been a tax on it. It is still very arguable if these riots, all these extremes that were taken, even had any real effect on taxation. So one can only ask, was it worth it?

  17. Dae Dae Heard says:

    The Stamp act changed the social and economic structure of life in 1765. It forced very ruthless taxes on the people on many everyday goods such as newspapers and simple things that all citizens should be able to get with paying extreme tax . The idea of the act was inhuman that’s what made Patrick henry come into play and contest the unruly act. He took a stand, a stand to express what all the common people had to say but didn’t have the voice to speak for themselves. The act is still active but just not as expensive. The tax is added to end of your purchase, certain things have a higher sales tax. I buy a lot of Jordan’s and the tax for shoes is higher than many things you buy from the grocery. The tax for shoes is around 5.3 % without that the price the on tag would be the price I would have to pay. The Act is still affecting my shoe collection and it has been put in for hundreds of years.

  18. Jane Tullis says:

    “Liberty and Property! Liberty and Property!” The Sons of Liberty and mobs gathered around a bonfire burning wood and paper. The Stamp Act of 1765 issued a tax on all paper goods. Great Britain won the French and Indian War but needed money to pay off their debt so they decided to tax the colonists and create the Stamp Act. Things such as documents used in court proceedings, playing cards, mortgages, pamphlets, and etc. were all being taxed. The price for newspaper doubled in America. A brave guy of the name Patrick Henry stood up against the Stamp Act. People, many believed to come from Virginia, started to boycott paper goods. People also started riots and revolts because they felt like they were being treated unfairly and the British were taking away their freedom and rights. It is interesting to read about how all the colonies got together and fight or stand up for what they believe. Today, it is still just like that. There have been quite a few protests in this last year and have always been. Still today, after all these years since 1765, we still have taxes. If you go to the store and want to read about what is happening in your town and in the world, you buy a newspaper which is still taxed. I just got back from Europe this week where no goods are taxed. When I bought something in the store, the price that was on the sticker, was the price you pay. No added taxes. But, in Europe, they do have higher taxes on their mortgages and insurances.

  19. Sana Mir says:

    Yet another evidence that the population is what makes a place a better one. in this reading we can learn that if not all but most of us work together we can get what we want and take back our rights. Either it’s in voting or in any other aspect of the society. The government can’t hear a voice but if that voice rises into millions of people then it can be heard. Sometimes there has to be little pressure and harshness but eventually it can all get worked at because the country for sure can not handle chaos. It is the same in every where even in smaller examples like managing a factory. If the faculty does not agree on something and the manager won’t change that you can easily stop working for a few days so take can rethink their decision because the factory is nothing without its staff, it’s just an empty building. Although in the government everything is ten times harder to handle but people managed to talk and to fight for their rights even if it took along time for it to happen. The most important thing here is the patience and that’s probably everything a society needs in order to achieve its goals. Unfortunately Iran does not have that. Of course in this topic i should add that some people where excessively effective and helped a lot and if it wasn’t for their voice and quotes maybe it would take much time to get their rights.

  20. rachel says:

    The stamp act which was approved in 1765 was one thing that affected colonist in a huge way. They had heard about it a couple months beforehand and none of them were happy about what was going to happen in the colonies. The king of England intended to put tax on all kinds of paper goods which would not make anyone happy in the colonies. For anyone speaking any language other than english better not even be thinking of reading anything anytime soon. Taxes on other language papers were going to be double, so many printers printing different languages would probably end up bankrupt from this. So of course due to these taxes printers would be rallying against this act. Americans searched for some way to have the repeal the stamp act, finally find one violent way of forcing stamp distributors to resign. Which would lead to stamped paper not being able to be distributed leaving government unable to collect taxes. This all lead to tons of chaos occurring in Boston on the 14th of August, all directed towards Andrew Oliver. All this crazy rioting directed towards him then leading him to agree to resigning from his job. Then about two weeks after the first riot there was another directed towards a man named Thomas Hutchinson. But yet from these 2 riots not one bostonian was ever punished for everything that had happened.
    But yet still to this day people in america are still fighting against taxation in america.

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